Soy Candles


Lovingly hand-poured in NSW, our Soy Candles are the perfect finishing touch to your space.

Moore Candle Co prioritise quality and only use natural soy wax, pure cotton wicks and vegan and cruelty-free fragrance oils.

Our candles aren’t just pretty faces they are a functional decorative accent that is imbued with aroma and wicked to throw maximum deliciousness.

Invite one into your home today to create MOORE ambience in your sanctuary.

Styling Tip: To create the perfect vignette, use a circular tray and team your Moore Candle Co Soy candle with something living (greenery/flowers/succulent) and something interesting (think books, metal ornament or large gemstone). Use the rule of three when partnering your candle to ensure a simplistic and organic aesthetic.

Personalised Candle Option



This candle has been wicked to assist in the prevention of jar overheating and to minimise black soot that may occur with incorrect burning.
Please make sure you let wax melt right to jar edge on each burn, this time will vary depending on fragrance and conditions.

• Always trim wick after each burn and before lighting.

• Always burn on a flat surface and out of any breeze.

• Never leave burning candle unattended or close to flammable materials.

• Keep out of reach of children and pets.

• Extinguish your candle by dipping the wick into the melted wax and straighten. This will stop the wick smoking and will help with relighting on the next burn.

• Discontinue use when 10mm of wax remains as burning candle dry can cause glass to overheat.

Personalised Candle Option